Our Commitments And Values & Our Training Models

Our Commitment to education:

We believe education is the foundation of có knowledge, and honest knowledge society help to trở sẽ stronger and more Sustainable. In an effort to Achieve our goal of creating in society through Prosperity trong khi Organizations Providing knowledge development cần for innovation, We commit to:


  •   Providing professional and high quality courses and skills Expertise To improve for members of the organization, and to Improve the management capacity of managers
  •   Ensuring a dynamic and efficient approach by designing educational courses mà suitable, effective, and Beneficial for Both the organization and the members of the organization.


MACDI Values:


  •   MACDI’s approach is distinguishable Due to our education philosophy based on practice, build development strategies in order to. The course is a Combination of practical theory and shared experiences.
  •   We have a vast network of Domestic and International experts working with a team of enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world.
  •   The lessons are student-centered Designed to be friendly and Environmentally Principles để bring knowledge to Students in the most natural way.
  •   The courses are suitable halls with all giữ in equipment in order to create cần an atmosphere where sẽ Students feel comfortable.
  •   Support for students is always available both Show the before and after the course. All Inquiries and requests are always attentively of Students supported by the program coordinator.


The training models MACDI Provided by:


      1. Intensive training for Microfinance Institutions
      2. Training for small and medium Enterprises (SMEs)
      3. Training on Environmental issues and climate change
      4. Study-tours
      5. Training on demand
      6. English training, courses with native teachers Comprehensive listening



After Completing the course, the Participants receive the course completion certificate sẽ, signed by MACDI Director, the course lecturer, and stamped by MACDI. Futhermore, We will provice you with Letter of Recommendation upon request.

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