MACDI stands for Microfinance and Community Development Institute and  we are officially registered as a member organisation of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) with an operation permit from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. MACDI was established in 2007 by a group of experts in enterprises, microfinance, rural development, environment, climate change, clean water, sanitation, health and gender.

MACDI’s staff is highly capable and experienced. MACDI also acquires a broad network of energetic volunteers and top professors supporting its activities. Since its early days, MACDI has embraced considerable interests from both domestic and foreign customers with its supply for various services in national and international projects.

MACDI’s strategy is to connect experience and knowledge of experts, both local experts and foreign experts, in its activities to optimize its contribution to the sustainable community development. With over eight – year – experience in Vietnam, MACDI’s consultants have effectively participated in diverse consulting projects and services.

MACDI’s organization structure is simple and flexible. That leads to great efficiency in collecting and assessing information, as well as making decisions. In addition to supporting departments like administration, project, finance, MACDI also has its own specialized departments which are responsible for different areas, such as assessment, training, implementing community services, etc.

Each aspect and each project are both carried out by highly qualified and experienced staff. MACDI always manages a group of professional experts to support service packages of consulting and research, both directly and indirectly. There is always an interactive relationship between project staff and other departments, so that MACDI can offer products of highest quality and domination as required by MACDI’s customers.

Micro-finance & Community Development Institute (MACDI)
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