Our Mission, Vision, Values and Policies

Our Vision

To contribute significantly to poverty reduction and sustainable development in an equal society, by supporting and empowering the poor and the vulnerable.

Our Mission

To become one Vietnamese leading organization in implementing programs and projects supporting socio-economic development, climate change mitigation and adaptation, supporting impoverished community, especially disabilities, women, children, elders and ethnic minorities groups. MACDI also aims to improve health, income, living conditions and enable community members to participate and enhance their political voice, protect environment and natural resources.

Core Values


We are making constant efforts to help community maintain and broaden results of project interventions.

Transparency and Accountability

We work professionally based on transparent and accountable approach and spread the approach in the community where we work

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We always seek for feasible solutions to achieve our goals with the minimized resources.


We empower community with the rights for their own development.


All members of community are ensured equality regarding opportunities, access to resources, benefits, responsibilities and security.

Diversity, Creative  and Innovation

We respect diversity of our team and community people and support creative solutions and innovation for interventions.

MACDI’s policies

MACDI set up and follows the policies below to achieve our mission and maintain our values:

1. Code of conduct: Prevention of abuse and safeguarding
2. MACDI’ child protection
3. MACDI’s  Beneficiaries protection
4. MACDI’ s Environment Protection
6. MACDI’s Disability -gender-age Protection

Micro-finance & Community Development Institute (MACDI)
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