On August 15, 2020, the Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI) partnered with the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD Vietnam) for the launch workshop of MSD Vietnam’s project titled: “For a Vietnam with no one left behind amid COVID-19.” Through the sponsorship of United Way Worldwide (UWW), 3M, and Community Chest of Korea (CCK), the project aims to provide timely support for vulnerable demographics during the COVID-19 pandemic through a series of activities including (1) the provision of food security packages and basic first-aid and hygiene kits for approximately 400 households during a two-month period of August and September 2020; (2) the promotion of education on COVID-19 prevention among vulnerable groups. The project’s direct beneficiaries are 400 households in Hanoi and Hochiminh City, which encompasses up to 1,200 individuals.

Charitable gifts reached the hands of families in need who were able to join us for the launch workshop, while packages of food and basic necessities continue to find their way to the front steps of vulnerable households throughout the days that followed. (Source: MSD Vietnam)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world as the defining global health crisis of the era. In Vietnam, the second wave of COVID-19 returns, terminating the nation’s 99-day streak of no community transmission. As the number of confirmed cases continues to soar, the burden on the lives of poor laborers, immigrant workers, and undocumented children and families continues to increase. The unfortunate reality remains that many households have not to have access to federal aid packages amidst the pandemic.

The launch workshop complied with safety regulations while providing charitable gifts to those in need and enhanced the awareness of participants in the most recent outbreak (Source: MSD Vietnam).

In order to alleviate the struggles of vulnerable families in need during these trying times, MACDI is honored to partner with MSD Vietnam to provide these communities with basic daily necessities and financial assistance. Specifically, MACDI targeted 20 households of children with disabilities in Tiến Xuân and Yên Bình Village, Thạch Thất District, Hà Nội. Each household received an aid package containing necessities of up to 1,100,000 VND in value, as well as counseling on COVID prevention methods and dietary needs to ensure health. 

“No one left behind” – a timely reminder of traditional values and beautiful message in times of global crisis (Source: MSD Vietnam)

The message of “No one left behind” echoes the sentiment embedded in Vietnamese traditional values, one that honors compassion and charity among a community. When faced with immense social challenges, many individuals and organizations have stepped forward with acts of services to aid their neighbors and underprivileged families. However, in reality, there are still members of the community who live in poverty due to lack of personal identification, poor healthcare, old age, mental and physical disabilities, and so on. MACDI is proud to stand with the myriad of private and public agencies that continue to uplift vulnerable communities in the fight against the pandemic to ensure that no citizen is left behind as Việt Nam heads towards another victory against COVID-19.

A brief explanation of the pandemic in Vietnam, the launch workshop, as well as the mission of the project (Source: MSD Vietnam).

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