Learning from Israel: Israel Tech for Waste Seminar

On 4 June 2020, the Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI) had the honor of participating in a waste management and clean energy webinar hosted by the Israel Foreign Trade Administration titled Israel Tech for Waste – The Nation of Innovation’s Solutions for Waste & Recycling. The webinar featured six Israeli corporations, with six models for technological and managerial frameworks as well as essential services to tackle the challenges of urban waste management and recycling, especially during the unique hours of a global pandemic. 

(Source: Israel Trade Missions in India)

Israel, the nation of innovation, provided game-changing solutions to tackle the global issue of waste management and recycling in times of crisis. One model that was of particular interest to MACDI was an innovation from Homebiogas: an efficient, compact, and recyclable system of energy conversion from organic waste to cooking biogas and liquid fertilizer. Homebiogas enjoys an expansive network of users from all continents, with thousands of biogas systems deployed over 90 countries worldwide since its launch in 2012. Homebiogas promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Affordable and Clean Energy by making biogas affordable and available for all. 

Source: Homebiogas

MACDI greatly admires the progress of these Israeli efforts in waste management and clean energy and hopes for opportunities for cooperation and learning from successful models from our foreign partners to better serve our environment and improve the livelihood of our community.

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