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On April 10 to 12, 2017, MACDI had organized a training course called “Managing daily activities (ADL) – how to take care of a disabled child” in Hoa Binh province.

On the first day of the course, MACDI visited families having children with Cerebral Palsy in order to ask them about their daily life activities. MACDI also wanted to know how they scored these activities and how they felt when taking care of children with disabilities.


Children and their family arrived the training course.

The training course officially started on April 11. Firstly, MACDI introduced the training and The Butterfly Basket. We then introduced to children with disabilities (CWD) including ones with Cerebral Palsy, communicated and interacted with them. Later of the day, MACDI introduced and trained all participants about ADL. The course taught participants how to approach, techniques, positioning, communication and helping aids when dressing and bathing CWD.



The activities of the training course

On the last day of the training course, MACDI continued to teach participants the right way to feed the CWD. Participants also learnt how to teach and coach caregivers. In the afternoon, MACDI invited children with their caregivers to follow a workshop giving by the training participants based on the previous days. After the workshop, MACDI let the participants reflect and discuss on the previous activities and answered some questions.

In the end of the course, MACDI hoped that participants and caregivers would understand and know how to take care of CWD. Children with disabilities, especially ones with Cerebral Palsy should be loved and taken care of by their families and other people.


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