Macdi Participated In “We Ring A Bell” 2017 Campaign In Hoa Binh Province

On March 22, 2017, along with other partner organizations across the world, MACDI organized and participated in an event called “Ring A Bell Campaign”. The purpose of this campaign is mainly to raise awareness for all children having the right to go to school, even if they have disabilities. Many of these children are currently unable or not allowed to go to school, especially ones living in developing countries.



This year in Vietnam, the event was held at Do Nhan primary and secondary school in Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province. More than 300 pupils and 30 teachers and other people have joined in this event with MACDI. On this day, pupils were encouraged to make any noise in their schoolyard, they could use any instruments, sing, dance or clap their hands. The children were very happy and eager to join in. They managed to make a lot of noise by clapping and using their hand-made instrument, filling the whole schoolyard with happy sound.

By doing this, MACDI celebrated the fact that all children could attend to school. MACDI also wanted to inspire children and adults to take care and support children with mental illness. MACDI aims to give children with disabilities have chances to go to school or day care. MACDI hoped the campaign could draw attention and break through the silence of people around this issue. All children have the right to be educated and fulfill their dreams.

Chi Nguyễn

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