Microfinance Training Programs

At MACDI, we equip institutions and businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate financial infrastructures. The courses we provide are: 

  1. Accounting for microfinance organizations
  2. Basic and advanced financial management for microfinance organizations
  3. Financial analysis for microfinance organizations
  4. Interest installment and overdue debt management
  5. Effective administration
  6. Strategic business planning
  7. Effective time management and work organization
  8. Administration and leadership in microfinance organizations
  9. Strategic planning in human resources 
  10. Recruitment, evaluation, and selection of candidates
  11. Productivity evaluation
  12. Establishing compensation and benefits scheme using KPI
  13. Marketing strategies for microfinance organizations
  14. Market analysis for microfinance organizations
  15. Cost and price analysis for financial services
  16. Monitoring, evaluation, and testing of products
  17. Risk management for microfinance organizations
  18. Managerial accounting systems for microfinance organizations

Micro-finance & Community Development Institute (MACDI)
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