Sawdust Pellets Production Project Impact

Many years ago, with the increasing the population and humans activities like: burning fossil fuels (gas, coal, nature gas), deforestation… has big impact to environment and climate. The increasing of greenhouse gas emissions makes the greenhouse effect cause the warming of the earth which is accompanied by changes in the climate system: sea level rise, melting ice, natural disasters, storms and droughts…which are increasingly popular and strongly.

Beside, this problem has had great impact on the humans live. Before the situation, many projects have been implemented with purpose adapting to climate change, poverty reduction through a sustainable approach.

The second stage of the Energy and Environmental Partnership Program with the Mekong Region (EEP) was established as a part of the development policy of Finland Government with the goals of reducing property ad adapting to climate change through a sustainable approach.

Sawdust pellets production project was implemented by Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI), under the second stage of the Energy and Environmental Partnership Program of Netherland Government, was launched by the goal of enhancing reliable energy approach and sustainable as well adapting climate change and livelihood development, property reduction.

The project’s aims to support the wider provision and use of biomass energy, making reduction greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing  accessibility trustworthy energy source, sustainable and have the ability to adapt to global climate change and sustainable livelihood development, the project had a positive impact including:

Economic Impact:

  • Low-cost, small cubes, convenient, cost saving;
  • Less smoke to helps extend of stove’s life, thereby increasing the benefits for users;
  • Less ash to reduce cost for waste disposal after using;
  • Burning long and stability, heat-stable, to bring about high economic efficiency;
  • Easy to preserve, to transfer, cost saving for preservation and other transport costs,

Social Impact:

  • Impact on labor and employment, creating job for employees, unemployment reduction;
  • Increasing income and living standard of population, reduce poverty, social justice, reduce social evils;
  • This will also reduce the emission of pollutants (carbon II oxide and sulphur IV oxide) in to the environment, reduce the damage on the environment;
  • Solution for sustainable development;
  • Reducing the need for wood for fuel, can conserve natural resources, reduces the pressure on forests as this gives the forest time to regenerate and for the harvested trees to be replaced.

Environmental Impact:

  • Treatment of waste in the stage of the wood processing to make environment protection, improves air quality, reduce negative impact of waste on environment from traditional vocational villages;
  • Sawdust pellets are composed primarily of wood without additives, so when burning does not create polluting gases and does not affect human health;
  • The pellet’s ash as a clean fertilizer for agriculture production or bonsai;
  • Sawdust pellets are compacted into blocks of uniform size without dust as using coal.

With this advantages impact, the project will meet the need of the EEP’s purpose, contributing to improve abilities approach to clean energy sources, livelihood and sustainable development.

By Mai Linh

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