On 9 June 2020,  the Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI) participated in a workshop on climate protection in Hanoi hosted by MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme. The kick-off workshop, titled Climate Protection through Sustainable Bioenergy Markets in Vietnam, is part of a larger project that aims to improve the conditions for sustainable national use of biomass for electricity and heat generation. The main focuses of the project fall upon improvements in the planning, technical, and financial infrastructure in the biomass energy sector in order to realize bankable investment projects.

Viet Nam’s incredible potential for bioenergy comes from agricultural and industrial by-products, such as bagasse, straw, rice husks, coffee husk, coir, and wood residues. (Source:

The workshop welcomed the presence of multiple entities in the national clean and renewable energy scene as both participants and presenters, including representatives from research institutes, non-governmental organizations, and energy companies.  At the workshop, MACDI and other participants were introduced to the Bioenergy Markets (BEM) Project through a presentation by Mr. Tobias Cossen – GIZ/BEM Project Director. Then, participants were exposed to the history of the bioenergy scene in Việt Nam through a comprehensive approach guided by Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of the Renewable Energy Center at the Institute of Energy. Participants further explored the myriad of opportunities and challenges in developing bioenergy on all scales and engaged in discussions on future progress. 


MACDI is tremendously thankful for this experience, as it has informed our company of the immense potential and unique risks that bioenergy possesses in Vietnam. We hope to implement our broadened understanding and network to further explore the possibilities of investing in bioenergy.

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