Training Courses For SMEs

Finance Training Courses

  1. Training on disaster risk management for SMEs
  2. Training on enhancing the management skills for SMEs
  3. Training on leadership skills for women in leadership positions of Cooperatives, SMEs.
  4. Training on financial statement analysis
  5. Training on cash flow management
  6. Training on public debt management and recovery

Value chains Training Course

  1. Improve knowledge on development of value chains of special products, build the one-commune, one-product model in Tan Yen District, Bac Giang province.
  2. Training on agricultural commodity value chains
  3. Training on agricultural production development through the value chains
  4. Training on the development of agricultural production through the value chains for 45 staffs, members, farmers

Marketing Training Courses

  1. Short-term training course, “Marketing and sale of Quang Ninh agricultural products through the supermarket system”
  2. Training on marketing and sale skills of agricultural products
  3. Training on marketing and business development
  4. Training on developing and managing effective goods distribution channels
  5. Training on building, managing, and developing stores
  6. Leadership Strategy and McKinsey 7-S Model
  7. Training on telemarketing skills

 Entrepreneurship Training Courses

  1. Awareness and Business Ideas.
  2. Business Plan
  3. Market and marketing in Startup

Business Administration Training Courses

  1. The basics of business management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Quality Management
  4. Teamwork skills
  5. Entrepreneurs’ Administration Skills
  6. Issues in International Business
  7. Economic Integration
  8. Action Plan Business
  9. Brands and Intellectual Property
  10. Basic Issues in Participation in Trade Fairs for Businesses.
  11. Negotiation and Contracts
  12. Leadership Psychology and Management
  13. Post-crisis Corporate Restructuring

Human Resources

  1. Training on using KPI in effective productivity evaluation 
  2. Training on interviewing skills in hiring and recruitment practices
  3. Training on managing human resources

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