Enhancing social communication ability for children with disabilities

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During the years spent in Quang Ba district, Ha Giang province, MACDI with support from Canadian Cooperative Alliance  has made great contributions to the improvements of people in the district’s lives and income with activities such as training courses on progressively raising livestock. We realized that technical advances and other tyes of supports are very effective in raising household income. According to our assessment, the average income of local people had increased significantly.

Poverty is one of the barriers that hinder the resources providing to the disabled children, therefore, we are striving to create a sustainable livelihood for these disabled childrens’s families and raise their income as well, through the enhancement of education, health and career orientation. MACDI’s practical experience in Quang Ba and other provinces had shown that disabled children could totally take part in the activities to improve their families’ livelihood like raising livestocks, book management, handicrafts… these activities can be scaled to suit their physical abilities and utilize their advantages.

Quyet Tien and Nghia Thuan are two of the 60 poorest commune in Vietnam. That’s why we decided to implement our poverty eradication projetct. Among those, MACDI highly priorize the households with disabled members or disabled children, because they’re among the highly vulnerable groups that require special care and assisstance to overcome difficulties.

For families of children with disabilities, we see that the facilitating economic development in the household will create favorable conditions for better child care and the children will be able to go to school. However, in addition to supporting economic development in the household, we expect to put further effort to help these disabled children to gain equality within the community of Quyet Tien and Nghia Thuan communes because they are suffering from the lack of health care, education and rights to participate.

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