Support for comprehensive health improvement for children with disabilities project

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Time: 2015- 2020

Project Area: 05 communes of Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh Province: Ngoc My, Dong Lai, Lo Son, Ngoi Hoa, Dich Giao.

Main activities:

  • Organizing annual health checkups and supporting examination, counseling, and treatment at the private specialty hospital;
  • Training for parents of children with disabilities’ on nutrition regimes;
  • Implementing the nutrition contest for caregivers;
  • Training on home-based rehabilitation;
  • Improving the capacity of caregivers on appropriate nutrition for children with disabilities;
  • Establishing clubs for parents to share knowledge and information in childcare;
  • Organizing a cultural activity on the occasion of Disability Day, Children’s Day, and Mid-Autumn Festival for children, including children with disabilities;
  • Organizing a program or competition, such as singing, dancing, drawing, and acting, We Ring the Bell, to raise awareness for the community and children with disabilities on the rights of children with disabilities;
  • Organizing events to advocate for the rights of children with disabilities to attend inclusive schools;
  • Organizing a forum for sharing care and inspiration for children, including children with disabilities;
  • Supporting children with disabilities by donating wheelchairs, seats, clothes, blankets, etc. from benefactors and volunteer organizations.



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