Project “Processing Livestock Waste And Supplying Clean Energy For Poor Farmers In Luong Son And Lac Son Districts In Hoa Binh Province”

Funded by Embassy of Luxembourg, the project aimed to process livestock waste and supply poor farmers with clean and cheap energy through biogas plants which contributed to protect public health, create more jobs in rural and reduce the use of fossil resources, deforestation and Green House Gases (GHGs) emission.

MACDI conducted surveys, researches and advocacy to people, as well, was conjunction with Farmer Union, Women Union to train farmers how to use and maintain biogas plants; how to use biogas by-products in agriculture and how to use biogas safety. The project facilitated 100 farmers in Luong Son and Lac Son districts to build 100 biogas plants and put them into use.

Thanks to biogas technology from biogas plants, households in the project areas could manage the livestock manure, process the wastes and produce a renewable energy resource (biogas) from the waste process for lighting and cooking. Moreover, they were trained to use the biogas wastes as a clean and nutrition bio-manure to improve productivity, quality of vegetable and improve quality of soil and limit pets.

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